Our Mission

What is Understanding Theology?

Understanding Theology is a free educational resource dedicated to promoting theological understanding. It offers a platform for people, so that they can learn and share theologies from around the world. We believe that bringing together people of different ideas and beliefs, and encouraging respectful discussion with the aim of learning about each other, is something that benefits all. Read our full Mission Statement here.

Why Theology?

It is frustrating that Theology itself, rather than theological ignorance, often takes the blame for so much of the conflict in the world. When ideas, rituals, and practices are tied together with identity, people are often reluctant to open up to learn when confronted with something new and different, and especially so when it comes to Theology. This is why we seek to engage with theological ignorance in a manner that is both positive and enjoyable; to interrupt the cycle of ignorance, fear, hatred, and violence.

Theology is not a subject that we can ever step outside of. It directly affects every aspect of all of our lives. The questions that theology is concerned with will never go away; and they naturally overlap with issues in Politics, Anthropology, and many other areas of knowledge.

How we work.

As a result, Understanding Theology does not seek objectivity as a goal; this is impossible. Instead, we aim to be fair and respectful at all times. Where relevant, we will make clear the perspective that a writer is speaking from. It is important to note that there is no single perspective shared by all contributors.
Related to this is the fact that Understanding Theology does not belong to any particular tradition. We avoid dogmatism in our subjectivity by valuing the humility to put education, especially our own, first.

We therefore welcome challenges, criticisms and corrections. Too often this kind of enterprise appears only because of an underlying desire to convert or to criticise. We are not here to do either; this is a platform for our own education and exploration of ideas as well as for other people. There is only one enemy, and that is ignorance.


This is the home of Convocamus, a publication that is open for people from all backgrounds to explore, debate and share opinions and experiences related to Theology. For a closer look at politics and current affairs check out Theology This Week, a publication dedicated to offering a Theologically informed view of what is going on in the world. We are always looking for more writers, so If you or anyone you know would like to share their writing on theological issues, please get in contact with us.

How to get involved.

This website is the home of Understanding Theology. We are also on Facebook, Google+Twitter and LinkedIn. We are always seeking to expand, and therefore have launched a campaign on Patreon, please support us there. Visit these pages, spread the word and donate to help us to grow.