Religious Harmony in Indonesia: The Source of Tolerance

by Nur Aqmarina Ade Puspasari Indonesia has a large population of 257.9 million people (2017), the fourth largest population in the world. The total population is divided into several tribes with different local languages, more precisely there are 1,340 ethnicities including Javanese, Sudanese, Batak, Ambon, Bugis, etc. There are an estimated 736 regional languages. To […]

Exploiting Religion for Political Gain: Freedom of Speech or Disrespectful Opportunism?

By Frederik Seidelin Twelve years ago, in September 2005, the Danish conservative newspaper Jyllands-Posten published ‘Muhammad’s face’, an article whose alleged purpose was to discuss the issue of Danish media’s self-censorship with respect to Islam. The article was illustrated by 12 cartoons commissioned by the editor to portray Islam. A few of the cartoons seemed to […]

None or Both: A Church or a Concert Hall?

by Samuel Mellish St. Sepulchre-without-Newgate of Holborn, the supposed ‘National Musicians’ Church’ has closed its doors to “non-religious hiring”, undermining a strong history of hosting and nurturing musical talent. Despite previously welcoming groups such as the London Youth Choir, and housing the ashes of the founder of the Proms, Sir Henry Wood, the Reverend David […]

Education, Education, Education: Where is Theology Going?

By Samuel Mellish A damning report entitled The State of the Nation has been released by the Religious Education Council of England and Wales. Its most prominent findings include figures suggesting that 800,000 secondary students, making up just over a quarter of secondary state school attendants, were not provided with RE (Religious Education) classes, with […]

Offering Prayers as Absenteeism?

by Frederik Seidelin   In some situations—certainly in the English-speaking world—people who are not normally particularly religious suddenly become very devout, or at least express themselves in a devout manner. If someone posts on social media about serious illness of their own or in their family, a string of responses from friends invariably appears saying […]