Offering Prayers as Absenteeism?

by Frederik Seidelin   In some situations—certainly in the English-speaking world—people who are not normally particularly religious suddenly become very devout, or at least express themselves in a devout manner. If someone posts on social media about serious illness of their own or in their family, a string of responses from friends invariably appears saying […]

The Nashville Statement: Marginalisation and Colonialism

by Samuel Mellish Last week, over 150 evangelical Christians signed and endorsed a document known as the Nashville Statement. Its name taken from the city in which it was finalised, apparently continuing the ‘Christian’ tradition of doctrinal statements and councils relating to the places of their conception. The document consists of 14 articles, each containing […]

‘The People’s Church’ of Denmark: Ceremony or Theology?

By Frederik Seidelin This year, we are celebrating the fifth centenary of Martin Luther’s fateful writings in Wittenberg which started a movement that swept across the Christian world—particularly Northern Europe—and changed Christianity permanently and profoundly. To this day, the established Lutheran church in Denmark (‘Folkekirken’, which is Danish for ‘the People’s Church’) is deeply entrenched […]

Theology: A Weapon

by Samuel Mellish   It is undoubted that in attempting to build any society, notions of tolerance and respect must be established. Yet, not just for efficiency and cohesion, but so as to allow a society to inaugurate new philosophies and theologies, as perspectives mix and learn from one another. These provide cultures, excitement, and […]

Lock and Load: Theology, Recruitment and Interruptions

by Samuel Mellish For those who read our previous article, it will be apparent that I am not favourable towards Israeli foreign policy. The unnecessary harm it is causing, disproportionate to the sum of provocation, is impossible to justify. Yet, I am sympathetic towards Israel’s need to establish well-resourced and inevitably strong security institutions, in […]

Charlottesville: The Theological Origins of the War for America’s Soul

by Theo Poward The theological narrative of the United States of America, better known as the American dream, is known across the world. As are the Pantheon of gods who are worshipped to protect it: Lady Liberty, Lady Justice, Uncle Sam. Alongside the Apostolic figures; the founding fathers, these divinities are invoked to watch over […]

Al-Aqsa: Theologies in the Face of Uncertainty

by Samuel Mellish   Horrific  Brutal  Inhumane  Disgusting  Oppressed  Painful  Saddening  Without hope I do not wish to present a poem of the damned, but simply wish to underline the obvious. The deaths of two Israeli policeman, the closure and limitations surrounding worship at the al-Aqsa Mosque, and the subsequent injuring and killing of innocent […]