When Monks Take a Break

by Raymond Pagnuccio From sunrise to sunset the life of a Buddhist monk is fairly routine no matter where in the world they may be. For most monks in Myanmar, their daily routine is pretty mundane. A typical day unusually begins around 4:30 in the morning with prayers followed by chores, breakfast and more prayers. […]

Religious Harmony in Indonesia: The Source of Tolerance

by Nur Aqmarina Ade Puspasari Indonesia has a large population of 257.9 million people (2017), the fourth largest population in the world. The total population is divided into several tribes with different local languages, more precisely there are 1,340 ethnicities including Javanese, Sudanese, Batak, Ambon, Bugis, etc. There are an estimated 736 regional languages. To […]

Korean, Confucian, Catholic.

by Theo Poward South Korea is a fascinating country for any student of Theology. Recently, I was lucky enough to attend a remembrance service that stands at the forefront of liturgical developments aimed at answering questions that are endlessly raised about how to balance local and global theological identities.   Background Christianity has been on […]

Christianity (and Islam) in Kagera, Tanzania

By Philbert Muvunyi We thank God for receiving missionaries here in Kagera, mainly in the early 1890s, from Europe who came to introduce to us different denominations like Roman Catholicism, Anglicanism & Lutheranism. Before the missionaries, our elders worshiped God in their own local denominations and in their worshiping they described the Lord God as […]

Being a Unitarian

by Sue Good This is just one Unitarian’s view, not the Unitarian view, for as Gandhi said “there are as many religions as there are people”. For me, Unitarianism is all about the word “one”. We are all one, linked at every level to the life of the planet. At the core of this is […]

My Experience as a Jew at Passover

By Sarah Levy Unlike other Jewish festivals, Passover does not involve presents, delicious foods, sweets, dancing or games. Instead there are very strict dietary restrictions, long services and a strong emphasis on history. It may, therefore, seem surprising that Passover has always been my favourite of the approximately 16 main Jewish festivals marked each year. […]

Christian response to Crisis

by Matthew Smith We live in a world full of crises: the refugee crisis, Islamic State terrorism, global poverty and hunger, climate change, natural disasters, civil wars, cancer, HIV, human trafficking, global economic uncertainty and instability and the constant threat of a future crisis. In a world full of crisis, what is the Christian message? […]