Ancestor Worship

by Theo Poward   I have spent much of the past year in Taiwan. While there I have had the unique opportunity to learn about Daoism, the traditional belief system of China, that has been better preserved in Taiwan. In this piece I don’t want to go into why and get myself caught in a […]

Being a Theravada Buddhist

by Andrew Hartsmith Ever since I was young, I’ve found myself fascinated by belief and the idea of unseen forces. I would read myths, fairy tales, and the Bible. Until a certain age I thought I wanted to go into the ministry. It made sense, my mother was a Methodist pastor for some time and […]

What it is like being a Priest

by Rev. Robin Isherwood When I was a theology student in Uppsala, I attended a short course on crisis response. The idea was that, pending catastrophe, clergy should develop an action plan. When the charter plane, then, returning with a load of pickled Svens from two weeks’ alcoholic oblivion from some Mediterranean disco hell, belly […]