Offering Prayers as Absenteeism?

by Frederik Seidelin   In some situations—certainly in the English-speaking world—people who are not normally particularly religious suddenly become very devout, or at least express themselves in a devout manner. If someone posts on social media about serious illness of their own or in their family, a string of responses from friends invariably appears saying […]

The Nashville Statement: Marginalisation and Colonialism

by Samuel Mellish Last week, over 150 evangelical Christians signed and endorsed a document known as the Nashville Statement. Its name taken from the city in which it was finalised, apparently continuing the ‘Christian’ tradition of doctrinal statements and councils relating to the places of their conception. The document consists of 14 articles, each containing […]

What is the point of Religious Education in a secular society?

by Ricardo Monni Religious Education is always a controversial subject in modern Britain. Partly plagued by concerns about its academic rigour (prior to last year, it was seen as being a valid contender for Geography’s colouring-in-and-poster-making crown) and partly incongruent – at least from some perspectives – in a society that is increasingly apathetic to […]