We recently launched our own Monthly Newsletter.

This Newsletter allows for the content that we collect and publish to be organised and condensed into an easily digestible format that can be sent directly to your inbox on the first of every month. This also allows for more of a conversation with out readers, and build up a platform for us to interact and share ideas, opinions, and experiences from around the world.

It is the ideal next step for us to take. But, it will only grow with your help, so please share, talk about it, and encourage others to sign up with the form below. The more the merrier. Also, our writer has have never done anything like this before, so please let him know how he’s doing, any feedback will be highly appreciated and warmly received. We promise.

Use the signup form below to start getting our Newsletter every month in your inbox.

If you don’t immediately receive the email, then check your spam or trash folders, some email service providers are stricter than others. If you still can’t find it, then email and he will personally add you to the subscriber list.

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