Beltane: Summer has arrived!

Quick Facts   Summary: a pagan festival celebrating the start of summer   2018 Date: 1st May (often starting at sundown on 30th April)   Celebrated by: Modern pagans, Gaelic culture   Linked Holidays: May Day (Northern hemisphere), Wheel of the Year Sabbats (Wicca)   Background and Theological Significance Beltane is the Gaelic name for […]

Vesak: Breaking the Cycle

Quick Facts   Summary: a Buddhist festival celebrating the birth, enlightenment and death of the Buddha   2018 Date: varies around the world, but dates include 29th April and 29th May   Celebrated by: Buddhists (predominantly Theravada), some countries as a National Holiday   Linked Holidays: Buddha’s Birthday, Bodhi Day (Buddhism)   Background and Theological […]

Ridván: The Quest for Unity and Peace

Quick Facts Summary: a Bahá’í festival commemorating Bahá’u’lláh as a Manifestation of God   2018 Date: 21th April – 2nd May (sundown to sundown)   Celebrated by: Bahá’í Faith   Linked Holidays: Naw-Rúz   Background and Theological Significance   Ridván is the principal religious festival of the Bahá’í Faith, and is often referred to as […]

Yom Hashoah: Remembering Destruction

Quick Facts   Summary: a commemoration for Jews killed during the Holocaust   2018 Date: 11th-12th April (sundown to sundown)   Celebrated by: Jews, the State of Israel   Linked Holidays: International Holocaust Remembrance Day (worldwide)   Background and Theological Significance   Yom HaShoah, or in full Yom Hazikaron laShoah ve-laG’vurah (יום הזיכרון לשואה ולגבורה), […]

Mahavir Jayanti: Learning Liberation

Quick Facts   Summary: a Jain festival celebrating the birth of Mahavira   2018 Date: 29th March   Celebrated by: Jains, Indians (as a National Holiday)   Linked Holidays: Diwali (Jainism), Buddha Jayanti (Buddhism)   Background and Theological Significance   Jainism developed in the Dharmic theological tradition that originated and evolved in the Indian subcontinent […]

Easter: He Is Risen

Quick Facts Summary: a Christian festival celebrating the resurrection of Jesus Christ   2018 Date: 1st April (Western Christianity), 8th April (Eastern Christianity)   Celebrated by: Christians, Western culture   Linked Holidays: Holy Week (Christianity), Passover (Judaism)   Background and Theological Significance Easter refers to the Sunday on which the Resurrection of Christ is celebrated […]

Retrospective: 2017

by Frederik Seidelin In light of the political developments over this decade—particularly over the past two or three years—it has become decidedly banal to remark on the global turn to nationalism. Indeed, the politics of nationalism governs across the world—whether underpinned by populist support as in Britain or the United States, or by a quiescent […]

Does it Matter Where our Christmas Traditions Came From? – Towards a Positive Genealogy of Christmas.

by Chris Lynch Amidst the rituals and tropes associated with celebrating Christmas, thinkers and commentators occasionally intervene to highlight how Christmas as practised in 2017 Britain is in some important respects culturally specific, politically problematic, and not as straightforwardly wrapped up with ‘authentic’ Christianity as commonly assumed. Motivating these interventions seems to be the thought […]