Shavuot: Gifts from God

Quick Facts Summary: a Jewish harvest festival that also commemorates the giving of the Torah 2018 Date: 8th – 10th June (sunset to sunset) Celebrated by: Jews Linked Holidays: Pesach / Passover, Sukkot (Judaism), Pentecost (Christianity) Background and Theological Significance Shavuot (in Hebrew, שבועות), literally meaning the Festival of Weeks, is one of the most […]

Ridván: The Quest for Unity and Peace

Quick Facts Summary: a Bahá’í festival commemorating Bahá’u’lláh as a Manifestation of God 2019 Date: 20th April – 2nd May (sundown to sundown) Celebrated by: Bahá’í Linked Holidays: Naw-Rúz Background and Theological Significance Ridván is the principal religious festival for Bahá’í, and is often referred to as the ‘Most Great Festival’. It is seen as […]

The Dormition and Assumption of Mary: Celebrating the Mother of God

Quick Facts and Stats   Summary: A Feast commemorating the death of Mary, the Mother of Jesus, and her subsequent assumption into heaven.   2018 Date: 15th August   Celebrated by: Christians (Primarily the Orthodox and Catholic churches)   Linked Holidays: The Twelve Great Feasts of the Eastern Orthodox Church; The Feast of the Transfiguration. […]

The Nature of Peace – A Theological Examination of a Political Responsibility

By Stephanie Redfern Jones  Considered theologically, peace is something to be fulfilled eschatologically, that is, at the end of the world as we perceive it. True peace is not something that can be seen in the duration of the existence of humanity nor can it be achieved by human hand. In theological circles, anthropology (the […]

My experience as a Muslim in Cambridge University

by Qasim Zulkefar Alli At my South London Grammar School, I was often made to feel as if my belief in God somehow compromised my intellectual integrity. There was a strain of condescending superiority to discussions about religion, and a blind arrogance I sometimes found ludicrous. I remember clearly in a Religious Studies lesson, someone standing […]