Hallowtide: Facing Death

Quick Facts Summary: a three-day Christian commemoration of the saints and all the faithful departed. 2018 Date: 31st October, 1st November, 2nd November Celebrated by: Western Christians, Western Culture Linked Holidays: Hallowe’en (Western), Samhain (Pagan) Background and Theological Significance Hallowtide, also called Allhallowtide or the Hallowmas season, is a triduum (three day observance) in the […]

Celebrating the dead: Comparing Christian, Jewish and Muslim views on death

by Alex Taylor The 31st October is known throughout the world as the celebration of Halloween. The word ‘Halloween’ is a contraction of ‘All Hallows’ Eve’, the vigil before the feasts of All Saints and All Souls in the Western Church (1st and 2nd November respectively). Despite this Christian etymology, the day and its festivities […]