New Year’s Celebrations: Renewing Reality

Quick Facts Summary: A Modern Global Celebration of the New Year. Date: December 31st – January 1st. Celebrated: Globally, especially in cities. Linked Holidays: Various New Years celebrations at different times in the yearly cycle. Background and Theological Significance New Year’s celebrations come at different times; East Asia will celebrate the Lunar New Year in […]

Easter: He Is Risen

Quick Facts Summary: a Christian festival celebrating the resurrection of Jesus Christ   2018 Date: 1st April (Western Christianity), 8th April (Eastern Christianity)   Celebrated by: Christians, Western culture   Linked Holidays: Holy Week (Christianity), Passover (Judaism)   Background and Theological Significance Easter refers to the Sunday on which the Resurrection of Christ is celebrated […]

Does it Matter Where our Christmas Traditions Came From? – Towards a Positive Genealogy of Christmas.

by Chris Lynch Amidst the rituals and tropes associated with celebrating Christmas, thinkers and commentators occasionally intervene to highlight how Christmas as practised in 2017 Britain is in some important respects culturally specific, politically problematic, and not as straightforwardly wrapped up with ‘authentic’ Christianity as commonly assumed. Motivating these interventions seems to be the thought […]

How effectively does the work of Peter Brown serve historiographical approaches to the cult of saints?

by  Michael S. Hahn   The cult of saints was one of the most prominent and significant forms of worship and devotion in the late-antique and medieval periods. However, in the last forty years, there has been a shift in scholarly opinion as to how this movement began and developed, and its place in late-antique […]