Imbolc: Spring is Coming

Quick Facts and Stats Summary: Gaelic Festival celebrating the beginning of Spring 2020 Date: 1st February Celebrated by: Irish, Scottish, Welsh, Gaelic, Pagans Linked Holidays: Beltane, Samhain, Candlemass, Maghi, Lohri. Background and Theological Significance Imbolc’s history stretches back back for perhaps thousands of years. But at its core it has always been motivated by the […]

St Columba’s Day: Celtic Christianity

Quick Facts Summary: a Christian feast day remembering the abbot and missionary St Columba   2018 Date: 9th June   Celebrated by: Christians (especially in Scotland and Ireland), those influenced by Celtic Christianity   Linked Holidays: Feast days of Celtic Christian saints (e.g. St Adomnán)   Background and Theological Significance St Columba’s Day is the […]