‘The People’s Church’ of Denmark: Ceremony or Theology?

By Frederik Seidelin This year, we are celebrating the fifth centenary of Martin Luther’s fateful writings in Wittenberg which started a movement that swept across the Christian world—particularly Northern Europe—and changed Christianity permanently and profoundly. To this day, the established Lutheran church in Denmark (‘Folkekirken’, which is Danish for ‘the People’s Church’) is deeply entrenched […]

Theology: A Weapon

by Samuel Mellish It is undoubted that in attempting to build any society, notions of tolerance and respect must be established. Yet, not just for efficiency and cohesion, but so as to allow a society to inaugurate new philosophies and theologies, as perspectives mix and learn from one another. These provide cultures, excitement, and inevitably […]

Theology and Praxis

by Stephanie Redfern Jones It was St Anselm who suggested that theology should be governed by an attitude of ‘faith seeking understanding’. His position necessarily begins from a clearly defined position of belonging to a religious tradition. Nowadays that seems quite far from what we most commonly experience, particularly with the influence of secularisation and […]

Responding to the Refugee Crisis: how faith communities can help to welcome asylum seekers and refugees

by Alex Taylor I was recently asked to attend a discussion evening in Manchester about the local response to the refugee crisis. It was an event organised by the Student Christian Movement, and featured a guest speaker who worked for a local charity that helped refugees and asylum speakers to start new lives in the […]