Diwali: Festival of Light

Quick Facts Summary: a five-day ‘festival of lights’ celebrated by Hindus, Sikhs, Jains and Buddhists 2018 Date: 6th or 7th November (regional variations) and two days either side Celebrated by: Hindus, Sikhs, Jains, Buddhists, Indians Linked Holidays: Tihar and Swanti (Nepalese variations of Diwali), Bandi Chhor Divas (Sikhism), Raksha Bandhan (Hinduism), Galungan (Balinese Hinduism), Kali […]

Does it Matter Where our Christmas Traditions Came From? – Towards a Positive Genealogy of Christmas.

by Chris Lynch Amidst the rituals and tropes associated with celebrating Christmas, thinkers and commentators occasionally intervene to highlight how Christmas as practised in 2017 Britain is in some important respects culturally specific, politically problematic, and not as straightforwardly wrapped up with ‘authentic’ Christianity as commonly assumed. Motivating these interventions seems to be the thought […]

My Experience as a Jew at Passover

By Sarah Levy Unlike other Jewish festivals, Passover does not involve presents, delicious foods, sweets, dancing or games. Instead there are very strict dietary restrictions, long services and a strong emphasis on history. It may, therefore, seem surprising that Passover has always been my favourite of the approximately 16 main Jewish festivals marked each year. […]

A Cappatal Idea: Reflections on the Cappa Magna and treading the line between Traditionalism and Modernity.

by Gregory Chilson The Cappa Magna is a fascinating Episcopal garment. A cloak with an extended train which a Bishop or Cardinal can wear as they process into a church. It is not a daily garb however, you will only see it on the most solemn of solemnities. It is and was therefore seldom worn, […]